Recording Studio in Windsor, Ontario

Established in 2010 and located in the heart of Windsor, this modest yet well-equipped studio has worked with indie, folk, metal, and hardcore artists to create something unique; something from their heart. Welcome to Visceral Sound.



Give me a good performance and I’ll give you back raw, unrefined gold.


You recorded your own band, now what? I can take your tracks and turn them into something polished and huge sounding.


Your mix is done, but it’s not there yet. Now what? I will take your mix and give you a crushing, well-rounded master.

My Work

Listen to some tracks created right here:


Life In ChaosTrenchlung logoPlague logoHEAVYBREATHER logoCorprophemia logoScapeshift logoEternal Confinement logoHell Is Other People logo

What will you create at Visceral Sound? Send me an email using the contact form or reach me on Facebook or Instagram


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